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Create an exponential growth system with limited resources in by The Power of Leverage.

What is leverage? A dictionary leverage definition entails using a lever to exert force on another object. The traditional leverage business definition entails leveraging monetary strategies like debt and investment to secure financial stability. Although this definition is spot-on as it applies to business activities, it fails to capture the power of leveraging for enhancing the rest of your life. To really get at the heart of what leveraging can accomplish, it’s critical to embrace an all-encompassing leverage definition. 

The concept of leveraging is analogous to the sport of pole vaulting as seen in the Olympic games. There’s no fancy machinery – just speed, a catapult and the determination to succeed. The same is true of leverage in business and personal matters. You don’t need to look outside yourself for resources you don’t have. The whole point of leveraging is that you’re already equipped to succeed. When you leverage your existing resources, they expand and multiply to produce new resources. This fleshed-out leverage definition facilitates momentum to the top, where you’re able to achieve anything you desire. 

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course is open for all startups, entrepreneurs and business owner who want to develop a new ventures and scale in region.


Funding will be support if your project are investable and bankable.

Learning Path

Most people though Capital mean money. This video will share with you the definition of Capital in real world and the rules and its mechanism.

Video 30 Minutes

Capital market is a financial market in which long-term debt (over a year) or Equity and Securities are bought and sold. Understand how it work and leverage its mechanism to multiply your negotiation power.

Video 30 Minutes

Everything has a price tag, either is a goods, a deal, a property or even an employee. What about your company. This video will show you 8 types of valuation method to fix your need when you define a value of the company.

Video 45 Minutes

Business model mean a model or solution to generate interest in business. Understand the supply chain of industry will help you create the best model for your business by leverage your strength, opportunity with your competitors. 

Video 85 Minutes

Develop a Financial Road Map with assumption of projection forecast in revenue, profit, expenses and also the Valuation of company. It’s a great tool as a blueprint in business to give you clarity on the resources and time you need to use on your business. 

Video 2 hours

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