#WEINSPRIRESTARTUPS – our guiding principle, has been our emphasis time and time again. With a stellar track record the past year in strategic business planning, content management, and turnkey projects, we pride ourselves in epitomizing the values we bring to our clients.

Since our inception in 2019, GECB VENTURES SDN BHD has remained true to our mission of building a world-class SME and startup consultancy firm, We have a diverse portfolio spanning multi regions, focusing on strategic business planning and marketing investments to maximize value for these companies we work with.

Looking towards the future, we continue to think out of the box and be relentless in pursuit of our goal to bring creativity and value to like-minded and growth-driven companies, as well as the regions we work in.

We Inspire Startups and build a sustainable community.

CEO of GECB Ventures Sdn Bhd - Dicky Ng

Our Mission

To develop a global entrepreneur community and sustainable business models.

Our Vision

To create a utopia by building 100 unicorns.

Our Philosophy



Founded in 2019, GECB Ventures Sdn Bhd is a truly Malaysian based SME and startup consulting group. We guide our clients through the ideation of top-notch business plans, cost-effective marketing strategies, convincing business proposals, realistic financial projections, business presentations, and sought-after events and promotions, to effectively grow their businesses.

What We Do

We advise CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business owners across a wide range of industries in major Asian countries on their corporate strategies, business opportunities, and marketing roadmaps.

We Craft, We Write

Top Level Corporation Design

– Business Development

– Special Interest Groups

– Performance Management

– Option Incentives

– Business Modeling

Financial Modeling

– Financing Services

– Cash Flow Optimization

– CFO on Demand

Strategy Execution

– Operational Management

– Talent Management

Global Engagement

M.E.C.E (Meeting, Event, Conference, Education)

We Work as One Team

We work hand-in-hand with our clients and partners as one team to share experiences, ideas, and best practices through osmosis.

We Plan, We Build, We Coach

Counseling and coaching lies at the hearth of our advisory services. We help clients develop business roadmaps, while providing feasibility management and ongoing support to guide clients through their transition to independence.

We Deliver Results

Top Level of Corporate Design

CFO on Demand

Employee Stock Option Plan

ESOP & It's Importance

ESOP is:

– A reward for their performance
– A motivation for employees to keep increasing their performances
– A plan under which right to increase shares of the company are given to its employees at a fixed predetermined price over a period of time.

Importance of ESOP are:

– Benefit to Startups to align the internet of the employee(s) with interest of the founders of the company.

– Improves the financial and operational performance of the company

– ESOP provide a tax shield for the company

– It is a better incentive plan for employees

– Under ESOP, the price of shares available to employees is lower than it’s market price.

Associate & Investment Portfolio

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