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Everything You Need to Know about corporate structure

Corporate Structure known as corporate governance, corporate structure is the way of running a business. Corporate structures include:

The board of directors reports to the shareholders. The board’s tasks include:

  • Making sure managers are effective
  • Keeping the chief executive officer (CEO) on track
  • Reviewing the company’s plans, budgets, and goals
  • Ensuring the business follows the law
  • Writing bylaws
  • Creating committees
  • Protecting shareholders
  • Holding annual meetings

The board can be one or many people with diverse experience. Shareholders elect board members. The company’s bylaws will say how many members the board needs. Usually, the board of directors has an odd number of members to avoid tied votes.

Members’ personal assets are separate from business assets. However, they are still responsible for business debts. They are also responsible for the corporation, its officers, agents, employees, and subsidiaries.

Why Is Corporate Structure Important?

Corporate structure separates owners and managers. Clear structure can grow a small family business into an international company that’s traded around the world.

A well-defined structure helps a business shape its goals. Corporate structure is useful for startups because it helps them to outline positions and responsibilities. This can also attract investors who easily understand how a company plans to make profits.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course is open for all startups, entrepreneurs and business owner who want to develop a new ventures and scale in region.


Funding will be support if your project are investable and bankable.

Learning Path

95% of startup failed within 5 years. 3% of it still struggling in survival mode. Only 2% of the statistics are able to make profit and exit from investment. Are you ready in business?

Video 60 Minutes

Do you know how many types of corporation and the function for each of it. Choose the right entity will help you grow fast in business. This video will tell you the best entity to start your business. 

Video 30 Minutes

When come into business, people are always confuse between partnering and shareholding. This lesson will share with you when you need a partner in a business. Also the right timing to accompany partners in your company.

Video 30 Minutes

When you invested in a company. What is your role in this company and what types of shareholder you are? Understand the right of shareholder was crucial when come into a business.

Video 25 Minutes

We usual start a business from a scratch idea. Have you ever though about the ending of a business? Start a ventures is easy but when and how should it ending?

Video 48 Min  + 2 Min read to complete

Have you ever though your company are able to go listing in stock exchange market. Going for IPO is a dream for every startup and small medium entrepreneurs. What if I told you everyone are able to bring its business to go IPO with compliance within 60 months.

Video 60 Minutes

Most business owner spent their time running in the business, instead of on the business. If your business are not able to work itself without you, you will work until you die and hard to enrol investor to fund your business.

Video 30 Minutes 

Most people start a business with family member. They are a business business like a family instead of a corporation. Why you should’t make these mistake so that you are able to scale fast in business?

Video 30 Minutes 

When come into business, most people are focus on the sales and margin instead of the profit and its allocation. To build a profitable business, you must understand the Cashflow. And control the flow of the cash.

Video 30 Minutes 

Do you ever know there is a checklist for investor select a project? This video will share with you the 8 keys factors to get funding from investor.

Video 30 Minutes 

Do you ever heard the word of “unicorn”? It mean a company before listing in stock exchange market, it valuation over USD 1 billion. In this video, I will share with you the 35 segments to create a unicorn.

Video 30 Minutes

Have you ever heard about the red dot theory. Why it is important to have a red dot in your company. And what is the condition and qualification to be a red dot? This video will share with you the things of every business school won’t tell you in business.

Video 45 Minutes 

Did anyone told you, you must learn equanimity when run a business or investment? How is it help entrepreneurs and business owner to solve the issue by do nothing? This video will share with you the most success people do not tell you the truth in business.

Video 30 Minutes 

Do you know the ultimate power of every business is your end goal in business? And how do you achieve it by using the statement of mission and vision. Also to attract the talents, investor, sales or even capability to turn your idea into real. This is a must technique for every startup and entrepreneur must know.

Video 30 Minutes 

Most people are lack of clarity and visibility when come into business. This is why most of them are struggling in business and they feel the bottle neck of growing the business. What you need to do is a corporate blueprint, business road map and also exit strategy.

Video 30 Minutes 

When we setup a website on internet, we do need to setup the firewall to protect our data and structure do not attack by the hacker. When you start your business or company, do you setup a firewall to protect your asset and business fundamental? This video will share with you how to design a firewall in business and corporation

Video 30 Minutes 

How many of you created multi revenue stream in your business. Do you know that you are able to cut the demand and slide into profit in every transaction? This is a must technique for every startups and entrepreneurs must learn before kick start any business.

Video 60 Minutes 

Everyone love game. Running a business is similar like playing a game. Who is the players and who is the banker, and who set the rules of the game. The key secret of every success entrepreneurs and investor do not tell you the truth of running the business. How to leverage the each other by mastery the technique of Game Theory.

Video 60 Minutes 

Some people spent 10 years to open 10 shops. Some people may spent 10 months to open 20 shops. And some people spent 10 days to earn million by leverage of 100 shops. Who you like to be? This is a trick secret for those who are aggressive in business. 

Video 60 Minutes 

This is the secret for rich people on wealth generation. Do not access if you are yet to prepare yourself to going rich.

Video 60 Minutes 

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