How to develop the best strategy to scale fast with minimal resources






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7 Ways to Prepare Your Startup to Scale Up

Build a million dollar company in less than 3 years with the best strategy. Maximise your profit with limited resources.

Assuming that you’ve successfully started a startup. Scalability is the ability of a startup to grow. Or, to put it more precisely, a scalable business can adapt to a larger workload without compromising performance or losing revenue. Can your business with $0 in annual revenue grow to a million dollar company?

But not every business is poised to make it big. Some startups get off the ground without the right systems, people, or mindset in place. Trying to grow such businesses is like trying to inflate a tractor tire with a bicycle pump.

Here’s how you can prepare your startup to scale up.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course is open for all startups, entrepreneurs and business owner who want to develop a new ventures and scale in region.


Funding will be support if your project are investable and bankable.

Learning Path

Before you even worry about scaling your startup, make sure your fundamentals are fool proof. This video will share with you 5 keys instruction to develop a workable business strategy in your corporation.

Video 60 Minutes

The most effective business strategy is to make your business automated to generate leads, Sales and Process.  If you’re spending a long time “setting up” your business, then good for you. This video will share with you how to develop a system that work automated everything in your business.

Video 45 Minutes

How can a business scale if no one knows about it? Create an effective marketing and focus on those who are able to scale the business. This video will share with you how to create scalable growth use the right strategies.

Video 45 Minutes

Every business are go big from small. The key secret to growth fast is the wisdom of operation by leverage on Outsourcing Strategy. This is work for startup or even big corporation. It is allow you to focus on your sales closing in your business. This video will share with you the technique of using outsource service to minimise business costing and increase the possibility to grow exponentially.

Video 45 Minutes


Scalability is about surviving, as much as it is about growing. If you hit a PR fiasco, you’re limiting your chance of survival and scalability.

Video 45 Minutes

Business mean transaction from one party to another party. In order to be truly scalable, your business should be able to function just fine without you. You’ve proven to yourself and to your employees that the business isn’t tied to your presence or even your existence.

This video will share with you how create a business that ready to grow.

Video 30 Minutes

A business is scalable, only when it has the right people on board. This video will show you some key characteristics of a team member who will help you scale.

And also how to use a personality test to analysis the right people and improve their performance by allocate the right task in their role.

Video 2.5 hours 

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