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Dicky Ng
Founder & CEO
The Venture Builder

Dicky serves as a business incubator and consultant, with an aim to support entrepreneurs in achieving operational excellence, while maximizing the company’s share value. He is also a regional incubator for ASEAN startups. With a solid background in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, he also serves as the director of GEC Capital Berhad, the Founder of Incubation On Cloud Community, strategic partner of My Lives Global Berhad and also the mentor for International Strategic Institute. His area of expertise is in top-level corporate design, delivering sustainable business models and exit strategis.


As a visionary leader, Dicky aspires to build 100 unicorns to create a utopia!

Kalvin Goh, COO

Kalvin started his career as an account assistant since 2006 to practice his professional in accounting, audit and taxation. In 2013, Kalvin move into a sales industry as properrt and insurance consultant to mastery the sales technique. He also take a role as life coach in Persatuan Yuan Man and event management in IBA.

He always belive there is no preset destiny; everyone has his own option to determine the life goal. Thus, he founded the Breakthrough Academy and became the corporate consultant and trainer in 2016. The vision of the academy is to help everyone to discover their own value and breakthrough their capability. The core missions are to assist trainees in recognizing their talent and expertise, to provide the corporate company with team building activities or internal training as well as to excavate trainees’ capability and provide them with a clear direction. For corporate content, the academy specialises in providing corporate consulting in internal business management and ISO standard and provide corporate team building and variety of training courses.

As a vision leader, his goal is to lead millions of enterprise to contribute back to society.

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